Our staff is here for you during COVID-19. We are still unable to see elective patients and are only treating a small list of emergent services, as directed by the Department of Health. You may still reach us by phone to schedule an emergent appointment, or to seek advice. We look forward to once again treating our patients and welcoming you all back to our office. In the meantime, here are reminders on good oral hygiene practices as well as a few dental triage points in case of dental issues during your quarantine.

Remember to……

-Brush Your Teeth Atleast Twice A Day

-Floss BEFORE You Brush

-Limit problematic foods and drinks.

-Increase Your Water Intake

In-Case of a Dental Emergency….

-Swishing with salt water helps to soothe sores and ulcers.

-Toothache? Apply a cold compress, swish with hydrogen peroxide, and take OTC pain reliever.

-Lost filling? Cover the cavity with paraffin and schedule with us ASAP.


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