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Such a great environment for children and adults. Great for the entire family. Nice staff. Prompt service. It's all around the best dental office around! I highly recommend this office for all of your dental needs.
Tasha Hatcher
13:35 04 Aug 16
Visit went well. My child and I both had appointments. The dentist and staff were very nice and professional. Explained my treatment and costs. We even stayed an extra 30 minutes afterwards so my child could play on the playground outside. That should be 6 stars!
Brandi B
15:17 03 Aug 16
Loved this office! I have a dental phobia, but they made me incredibly comfortable and welcomed me with so much care! Would recommend them to everyone!
Mike Buffington
13:37 04 Aug 16
I called with a toothache and they got me in on the same day. I was fixed and out of pain by the afternoon. Dr. Lupena was gentle and the office girls were friendly. I will be returning here for regular checkups.
Barbara Jackson
13:25 10 Aug 16
Very friendly
Get Bent Fishing Squad
20:20 18 Jul 17
I brought my 3 year old son here and they were amazing with him! It was his first visit to a dentist. Everyone there was extremely nice and eased him into everything very well. I definitely recommend it. Very professional and caring.
Heather Soenksen
21:12 22 Aug 17
I walk in and it was great the people there was frendly made me feel like I didn't have to be afraid to see the dentist. It was just a good comfortable environment to be in.
Gaming king
14:39 04 Nov 17
They are so good and patient. My son has autism. Although they couldn't help him , they did refer me to someone who could. The environment is family friendly.
Michelle Widener
17:57 13 Feb 18
What a great place! The clinic is truly beautiful- spa like! They have a playground, kid's play room, kid's dino-chair, and more. Thank you for providing quality care to my family.
Sharley Hamm
18:38 12 Feb 18
The staff is very attentive and have great patience with their clients. Love the atmosphere.
Child of God
23:39 05 Mar 18
Clean and friendly environment! Modern technology and friendly staff.
Neelam Barot
15:22 08 Mar 18
Wonderful environment and friendly staff! It is also good that they are open on Saturdays.
beautiful nightmare
16:37 10 Mar 18
I call for a simple question , to be put on hold for 10 minutes. Then once the lovely phone jockey Devin decides she's ready to pick up the phone. Proceeds to give me a bad attitude and hangs up in my face when I fire an attitude back at her. Terrible customer service in my opinion. Was looking to make pearl river dental my family dentist. Great way to turn away a patient. Will not be interested in service from folks who are that rude.
Damian Thompson
15:52 23 May 18
First time going and loved it. All the workers were very nice. Gave me all the information i needed and more was nervous at first but everyone was so nice and made me feel very comfortable. Will recommend any and all who are looking for a great dentist office this is the place to be.
Barbara Gary
21:44 27 Jun 18
Would give negative reviews if I could! No one answers phone and false information on website????????????
Grace Burns
18:48 10 Aug 18
First time visiting this clinic, and it was a wonderful experience! Very clean environment and extremely friendly staff. The hygienist Manasi made sure I was comfortable the whole time. I really liked the up to date technology in their clinic. I also did not have to wait for my appointment; I was in and out of there fairly quickly. I will be going back again!
Sivani Patel (student)
22:05 24 Sep 18
Amazing place to get work done! Make you as comfortable as possible and great people! Highly recommend
Justin Graham
22:35 24 Sep 18
This is the best place to take your kids, they have the cutest dinosaur chair!
Pookie Bear
12:12 25 Sep 18
Very nice office. It was very clean and they are very fast. I really liked everything especially the wonderful hygienist Manasi. My teeth are clean and it didn’t hurt at all. I may be bias for this of course but you can tell she loves her job and her patients. 5 out of 5 for sure.
Charu Desai
02:22 03 Oct 18
They took excellent care of my wife Cheyenne Moss!! She was in extreme pain we were in and out quick with her having 4 teeth removed and they were the nicest people. We will be continuing to use them as our family dentist!!!
Kendall Moss
20:19 03 Oct 18
The front office staff is absolutely amazing. They are so welcoming and friendly and made me feel right at home!!
Lilly Rose
20:16 24 Oct 18
What a great place to go. Everyone is so friendly and professional. Thanks for the great service!
Linda Hoover
20:25 24 Oct 18
Great and friendly dental staff. The doctor and her associates/hygienists are knowledgeable and professional and at at the same time patient and considerate. They work hard to actually make it fun to get your teeth cleaned. ????????
Rocky Khanna
21:09 29 Oct 18
Firstly, my hygienist was a fill in that had only been there for 3 days, so maybe my husband and I didn't get the same experience that others did. That being said, yes they were friendly, although not as friendly as I had expected from all the raving reviews. I had an awesome dentist and dental hygienist where I used to live in GA and I suppose that's what I was comparing them to.There WAS an issue, but it was addressed promptly and kindly by the staff; I could tell that they really cared about my feelings.As far as the actual dental services received, both my husband and I agreed it was top notch. My mouth felt much cleaner than it had when I was seeing my previous dentist. 4/5 stars, will be using them in the future for my dental needs.
Kayla R.
20:06 08 Nov 18
Great staff, very respectful and professional , and knowledgeable! They’re also great with working kids, I love it!
Kahjitha Agee
11:41 21 Mar 19
They are so great with kids and adults. They make sure u understand whats going on
Kristen Bates
17:59 24 Apr 19
The best experience ever, I went to several dentists office to get my tooth remove but had complications, this office remove my tooth with no problem and i didnt even get laught gas for my anxiety.
Melinda Sims
23:51 30 May 19
Not impressed. The dentists and hygienists themselves do good work, but the office staff could use some refresher courses. They give terrible dental advice, aren’t great at handling insurance claims, and lack efficient communication.
Rebekah Olson
21:57 15 Aug 19
The dentist did a decent job, but the receptionists really screwed up. Long story short, there was a mistake on my bill where they insisted I owed them $100 after the same people assured me the bill was paid in full the day the work was done. It took three or four months of unreturned phone calls, arguing, calling their cooperate office, getting hung up on and lied to (yes, they lie to their clients) before they finally acknowledged they made a mistake and corrected it.I want to reiterate that they insisted I owed them $100 when I didn't, and if I had ignored them, they would have sent that $100 to collections. I don't recommend
DJ McGee
14:26 24 Sep 19
I visited today. This office is very impressive and professionally ran. New technology and considerate staff. The best dental office I've ever used. Also quite reasonable.
William Mobley
23:31 01 Oct 19
I was highly please with Pearl River Dental service! They worked us in right away on our first visit and the staff were super sweet & nice!!! We will be returning!!
Keshia Collier
23:53 17 Oct 19
Usually I am afraid of the dentist. Walked in with a toothache and was able to have my filling and cleaning done the same day. Had a great experience here.
Krystal Kiesau
14:15 30 Dec 19
I called for a cleaning appointment and they got me right in. I was very pleased with my expierence they made me feel at home with the TV, offered me a blanket when I was cold and even gave me a warm towel when I was done. Dr Jacobs was a doll and so kind!
Melissa Parker
14:46 03 Jan 20
I had a partial made here and love it! Love Dr. Garner and his staff and what a beautiful office!!!!!
catherine wilkerson
14:39 03 Jan 20
The staff and doctors are nice and helpful. They did very well explaining the procedure to me and made me feel comfortable.
Noah Hinton
15:04 03 Jan 20
I am very fearful of going to the dentist. From the moment I walked in the staff were friendly and comforting. The office was clean and beautiful. And Dr. Breland put me at ease and explained everything they did. This will be my only office/dentist from now on!
Louis B
20:16 15 Jan 20
Best dental visit that I have ever experienced. They were very friendly and took the time to explain all the procedures I needed. I don't know the name of the dental hygienist but she made me feel so comfortable. Would recommend their services to anyone looking for a great dentist.
Keithra Ford
19:41 13 Feb 20
These girls really work hard to make sure you are taken care of in a timely manner! They went over my insurance benefits with me & told me what to expect before we started any work.The doctor and assistant were both so compassionate and made sure I was comfortable. I couldn't be happier with everyone in the office. They made my experience a BREEZE!I also love that they have a playground outside for the kids! It is fenced in, so even though it's close to the interstate, you have a nice, safe place for your kids to play before or after their appointments!
Mary Halterman
16:57 10 Mar 20
Dr. Jacobs and Dr. Breland are amazing ladies. Love their patient care, they are super sweet and make sure you are very comfortable. The front staff is also very friendly and welcoming 🙂
Jessica Jones
19:14 10 Mar 20
Recently, I was blessed with the opportunity to travel to the Holy Land. While there, I broke one of my front teeth ???? completely off! It was the result of biting into an ice cream on a stick with a chocolate center that was as hard as a brick!! Go figure! I was helpless as there was no way to get it fixed/replaced while in Israel. Upon my return home, I contacted Pearl River Dental, Pearl, MS, owned by Lake Garner of Hattiesburg. They immediately worked me in the day after I returned home, February 27, 2020, and made a temporary bridge and crowns. I went back last Thursday and got my permanent bridge and caps. Dr. Garner had been filled in about my dilemma and was very involved in the whole process. I received “the treatment” from the staff, especially Dr. Amanda Jacobs and her assistant, Mia. It was painless!!When I went in last Thursday, March 12, the staff took a picture of my “new teeth” and, (even though he was on vacation), Dr Garner took time out and looked at the picture and was able to approve or disapprove as to how they looked! He approved!! It does not get any better than that!!!!! Now, I am all smiles and flashing my pearly whites to everyone I meet .????I highly recommend Pearl River Dental.Dot Autrey
Dorothy Autrey
13:41 17 Mar 20
Laura is amazing hands down I love this place and the ladies y’all are phenomenal and I truly thankyall
Amy Eliz
21:19 04 Jun 20
They're were very kind to me and my daughter River. They made us feel comfortable with any questions! They're a group of Angels! Amazing Work
18:22 17 Jul 20
I was able to get in and out quickly.
15:23 01 Sep 20
Dr. Gwin and her team are awesome! Especially Cathy. ????
Morgan Lee
14:02 03 Sep 20
Pearl River Dental is a friendly and very nice environment. This is the only place I care to get my teeth worked on! Go ahead and see for yourself and tell them LaShundra sent you ????!
Shun Williams
15:58 15 Jan 21
WONDERFUL experience!!! This was my first visit, after being referred here and I loved it. Dr. Gwinn and her staff are great! I had the pleasure of meeting Jill today and she was awesome. She was very friendly and informative, and made me feel comfortable and welcomed. I am excited about my future visits here. Thanks!
Alexis Wilson
16:57 03 Feb 21
Great customer service and very nice people
Gregory Hudson
19:05 13 Apr 21
Took care of my daughter like one of their own.
Shellie Lewis
14:27 15 Apr 21
They are kind and caring. They try to make you as comfortable as possible and get you in and out in no time!
Erin Haley
16:35 03 Jun 21
Love it here. Dr. Breland awesome!
Mary Jamison
00:32 05 Jun 21
Due to being fearful of dentist,,I don't go regularly as I should, and over the years I've had several teeth/ molars broken at the gum.and once or twice a year one of those would abcess.. but would get better and life goes on.. recently it didn't go away, so I decided to give pearl river dental a chance.cant remember the dr name, but we proceed to start getting these broke teeth out.1 or 2 at one visit..then several weeks later we got the remaining wasn't a bad experience at all..was given was over fast as it started, they made me feel comfortable and due to my anxiety, she would let me rest a second before continuing.after each visit, she gave me a gauze pack, prescription for antibiotics and pain meds.. totally satisfied... things took a bad turn and another tooth broke, had to wait 5 days for an appointment, a different Dr saw me than my first two visits.. her assistant wasn't warm or welcoming.. although during the procedure I did feel her patting my arm,, which was the only good thing.. didn't really see the Dr face till she was standing over me with the needle.. from then on.. hard to even catch my breath.. felt like my tooth had been tied to a 18 wheeler, my neck is still sore.. tooth out and she hands me gauze and prescription for antibiotics.. said they don't do pain meds.. which was a lie, because they give them both the recent visit.. they don't give you many anyway,. She finally gave ibuprofen.. which didn't do anything but maybe help the swelling..I'm now on day two..pain left this morning.. only thing that saved me was a few pain pills I had left over from the other visit got me threw the first night..I'm fine now... but as it stands,I won't be going to a dentist again.. my face feels like I've been beat with a baseball bat.. very disturbing visit.
Janice Skinner
00:59 17 Jul 21
This place normally have great customer service but on this particular day it wasn't good customer service. A older lady at the front desk was being rude cause she didn't want to call in my prescription. Once they called in my prescription it was the next day so all night I was up in pain cause of my wisdom tooth. I wouldn't go back to them cause they don't care about their patients!
Gg s
14:32 01 Oct 21
I was a patient at Dr. Gwin's for many years and moved over when they merged with Pearl River Dental. Jill has been my hygienist the entire time and couldn't imagine seeing anyone else. She takes her time with the patient to make sure all their needs are taken care of. Jill treats me more like a family then someone just cleaning my teeth. Now that Dr. Gwin is slowly getting out, I have been seeing Dr. Katie and have been extremely pleased with the level of Work. She is great!!
18:54 12 Nov 21
I had to get a tooth pulled and had alot of anxiety over it. But the intern that worked on my tooth was super nice and very accommodating. I would highly recommend this place for any dental work. I will be back and thanks so much
James hanly
21:19 16 Feb 22
Have had nothing but a great experience thus far. Everyone was very professional.
Kim Evans
14:01 31 May 22
Dentist got us in last minute and was able to fix a filling!! She was sooo nice and sweet and was very gentle w/my big kid who has a “needle fear”…. Got it all done and without GAS!!! AmaZing !! Everyone was soo nice!!!
Arlin Victory
00:01 08 Jul 22
Everyone is very friendly and proficient. They always make me feel comfortable and they are gentle. I am not anxious going here.
Christy Hasson
23:22 12 Jul 22
They were awesome and so patient with my baby’s first dental visit! Gave me great advice regarding proper dental hygiene for her teeth! Great experience overall!
Mareia Morgan
12:46 09 Aug 22
Great clinic, they even allowed me to bring my baby in since I didn’t have anyone to leave her with .! My teeth looks great ! Very kind and professionals!
katy Rojas
14:11 18 Aug 22
Had a very good experience doctor was really good the staff was excellent the doctor was really gentle I've never had a dentist take their time and she didn't even hurt me it didn't hurt at all I thank them very much
13:11 18 Aug 22
Thank you Dr. Wasson and Laura Beth for making my little girls’ cleaning visit fun and exciting! Y’ALL ARE THE BEST!
Allison Sonnenberg
23:49 24 Aug 22
Highly DO NOT RECOMMEND! I called to schedule an appointment verifying that they were in network with my insurance. I was told they were and then was given an appointment a week out. I states I was in serious pain but was willing to wait. About 2 hours before my appointment they called to ask me to come earlier which was great. I have to drive a good so I told herI would try to get there early . I was then asked for my insurance information after giving it I was told they do not accept my insurance.
Angela Curtis
18:19 29 Aug 22
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